• We at Symmetry Sports are imperfect people who have experienced the love and grace of Jesus Christ and thus strive to exemplify and glorify Christ in everything we do. If we do the best job on a project and fail to honor Christ, we believe we will have ultimately failed in our mission.
  • Understanding we are not perfect, our goal is to ensure everything we do adds value and strive to deliver on our promises to our customers.
  • Our yes means yes, we stand behind every commitment we make to our ourselves and our customers. We strive to not commit to more than we can complete, if we say yes, we mean yes.
  • We believe each individual is important and we strive to treat every job as our most important. We are called to do our very best on every job. We appreciate the trust our customers place in us and believe they deserve our utmost respect and to be treated with honesty and transparency.
  • Understanding people are the most important element, we strive to maintain an ongoing relationship with our customers extending far beyond completing a project.
  • We expect our customers to hold us accountable to the highest standards and to our primary goal of glorifying and honoring Christ through our actions.