On Thursday May 23rd, the Melissa Education Foundation awarded 63 Melissa ISD seniors with college scholarships donated by businesses and members of the community. George James, MEF and Melissa ISD school board president said, “The Melissa Education Foundation reached a milestone this year giving out just over $1 million in scholarships since 2007! We have an amazing support of community members and business owners that share our Foundation’s same mission to help as many students become successful adults.”

Wayne Poage, Director of Business Development for Symmetry Sports, was at the event to personally give ten of those seniors their scholarship that was donated by Symmetry. “The relationship between Symmetry and Melissa ISD is very important to us. We were excited for the opportunity to present some very deserving students with scholarships to help them attend college. We look forward to seeing these students accomplish great things with their lives. Symmetry is and always will be a supporter of the Melissa ISD education system.” Said Poage.

The students given scholarships from Symmetry were:

Drew Richardson – Journalism at Kings College

Bionca Mays – Marine Biology at Texas A&M – Corpus Christi

Bella Walker – Fine Arts at Texas A&M

Jaden Kincheloe – Pharmacy at Collin College

Jenna Jones – Graphic Design at Collin College

Sally Clemmons – Nursing at the University of Arkansas

Allison Prevo – Political Science at Collin College

Reid Bruton – Sports Management at Texas Tech University

Trent Knight – Computer Engineer at Collin College

Hunter Sparks – Business Management at the University of North Texas